Reviews & Press.

"In terms of food, service, and tailoring the menu to match our budget, Flex Food and Catering handled two distinct business events for us at Esme Co. Chef was helpful from beginning to end, promptly putting up a sample meal after we contacted him for a quote in less than 24 hours. He was then very involved in the planning process, taking the time to visit us for a walk-through a few weeks prior, sending us suggestions for décor, and even bringing dessert samples for us to eat. For any catered event, I would heartily suggest Flex Food and Catering. For their service, we are incredibly grateful."

— Esme Co.

"Many thanks for your diligence and attention to detail. Everything met with our approval. Your personnel was also welcoming and accommodating. We have no qualms about recommending you and your business.
Once more, thanks."

— Joy

"When preparing the early phases of my granddaughter's Bat Mitzvah, I hired Ilia and his team. I initially went with him because, even at my novice level, he was simple to communicate with and talked me through all my options during our initial phone chat. My suspicions were confirmed when he subsequently assisted me with every choice I needed to make about food, linens, the layout of my room at the Beach House, and much more. Due to the fact that our event was mostly for teenagers, I was particularly concerned about their culinary preferences. The dinner he assisted me in choosing was excellent and delicious for both children and adults.:

- Marshall B.
"Our wedding was catered by Flex Food and Catering, and everything went off without a hitch. The meal was AMAZING and the wait staff was flawless. Just one more time, the meal is FANTASTIC and cooked from scratch. Our visitors continue to gush about it. Our evening was fantastic thanks to Ilia, and we are eternally thankful."

- Taney H.

"Flex Food & Catering is fantastic! Their cuisine is wonderful and distinctive! Every time, the presentation and freshness leave me speechless! I have recommended Ilia and Mary to countless clients because they are such warm-hearted. They will effortlessly and cheerfully surpass your expectations! Try the Chinese Crispy Rice in the adorable takeaway boxes; attention to detail is their speciality."

- Maura K.

"Flex Food & Catering is the greatest! I have used them for several events. The owner, Ilia, is a pleasure to work with, and the cuisine and service are both excellent! I heartily endorse Flex Food & Catering.

- Jessica L.

"I have enjoyed using Flex Food and Catering's services on two different occasions. My first time using "Flex Food" was at a holiday dinner, where my guests raved over it. The event was a delight overall thanks to the amazing cuisine and decor! The proprietor, Ilya, is quite proficient and well-organized. Additionally, the carefully chosen staff is both friendly and effective. After our holiday celebration, I received several requests for an encore that year. I recently hired Ilya for my husband's 60th birthday, but it wasn't in the cards. I have to add that it was a "bash" in the truest sense. Flex Food and Catering met expectations once more. My guests have been quite complimentary about this evening. Excellent food, exact timing, and a great time all around! Ilya has the wisdom to take the "bull by the horns" if party planning is not your thing, but he also assists you in leading the way (if you prefer to be involved). I won't be hesitant to get in touch with "Flex Food" for a subsequent event.

- Genny A.

Flex Food & Catering was well received. My wedding was performed by them, and my guests couldn't have been happier. It had to be outstanding because I had a guest list full of "foodies"—and it was. The most ravenous diners were the snobbiest ones! The event also went off without a hitch, which allowed me, the bride, to genuinely enjoy the day and not stress about a thing. They put a lot of creative, non-traditional elements into their work, so I thought my event stood out. I understood what I would be charged and adhered to it because the proprietor was straightforward. They are outstanding, and I plan to use them for the upcoming office party.

- Cindy H.

"What a wonderful encounter! Flex Food was employed by my wife and I for our daughter's third birthday celebration. The morning burritos were incredibly popular. I measure these kid's parties by the quality of the food, and this is a great party, as one parent said. Ilya, thank you for making the day even more special. Soon, we'll use Flex Food and Catering once more.

— Jon N.